Our hearts are with Houston. Free Audiobooks to Area Residents

Are you in Houston? 

Audible is doing a great thing. They're offering free audiobooks to you for the next 3 months. We hope a good listen will provide a small distraction, and lift your spirits a bit during this challenging time.

Escape to ancient Egypt for a few hours. Listen as Brad Rakushin reads, and follow Zet as he sets out on the trail of a missing scroll.

 Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll Audiobook
Our hearts are with you.
Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy - Kids books

Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy News

How about a classic children's adventure with a hint of Scooby Doo excitement? Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy is spooky, thrilling, and funny.

Best of all, the Kindle version is completely free for now on Amazon. Why not save a few dollars and grab it right now?