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Book 1 - MYSTERY OF THE EGYPTIAN SCROLL: Zet and Kat are in charge, now that their father off fighting in Pharaoh's army. But times are hard. Sales are dead at their family pottery stall. When Zet learns of a reward to capture a thief, he's determined to win it. At first, the clues seem easy to track. Then he begins to fear things have gone too far. The chase leads them into forbidden temples whispering with the voices of ancient gods, into a web that threatens to crush their family forever.

Book 2 - ZET AND THE EGYPTIAN AMULET MYSTERY:Siblings Zet and Kat are back. When their town along the Nile is threatened by a scarab-amulet eating ghost, Zet and Kat are determined to uncover the truth. Is the ghost real? Meanwhile, Zet learns that his best friend, a jeweler's apprentice, is in trouble. Zet wonders if the ghost and his best friend's ominous master are connected. To complicate matters, special orders have gone missing at Zet's family pottery stall. With angry customers on his hands, his family reputation is going downhill fast. Soon the investigation becomes a race against time. Zet and Kat must solve the ever-twisting puzzle before it destroys the people they love.

Book 3 - ZET AND THE EGYPTIAN PRINCESS MYSTERY: When Zet and his best friend Hui get together, trouble usually follows. But they have no idea of just how much trouble they're headed for. Forced to leave home and travel north, the boys set out to untangle a mystery. They soon discover that not only are their lives at stake, but so is that of Pharaoh's favorite daughter, the famous Princess Meritamon. Will they be able solve the mystery before it's too late? Find out in book 3, the most exciting Secret Agent Zet story yet.

This action-packed, fast-paced series appeals to mystery fans and reluctant readers alike. Fans of classics like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew will love following kid detective Zet and his sister Kat on the trail of a missing scroll. Well researched facts fill this historical adventure set in Ancient Egypt. Readers of Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles love discovering more about Ancient Egyptian mythology and superstitions, and how gods, temples and ancient religion were used in every day life.

Praise for Zet and the Egyptian Mysteries:
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*****5 Stars "a story that will have readers turning pages"

Ages 8+