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Readers Write: "What are some of the themes in your books?"

image: Scott Peters ancient Egypt mystery adventure books
As an author of mystery adventure stories set in ancient Egypt, I get a lot of great questions -- from readers like you! People often ask what themes and subjects they'll find in my books. 

When I write, I don't set out to try and include specific themes. They tend to come out in the writing process. Writing about good vs. evil naturally brings out certain truths in characters. Here are a few that I've noticed when looking back over my work. 
Universal Themes:
  • The importance of doing what is right - both for your family and your fellow man. 
  • Responsibility to family and country 
  • Learning about people - who to trust and who has evil motives. 
  • Things and people are not always what they appear to be - practice kindness to people from all walks of life 
  • The value of persistence, even in the face of great difficulty 
  • Your word is your honor - letting people learn to rely on it 
Ancient Egyptian Subjects:
  • Mythology and its historical application in daily life 
  • City of Thebes 
  • The Place of Truth and The Valley of the Kings 
  • Use of the Nile as a historical thoroughfare 
  • Trade and barter 
  • Foods 
  • Police and military
  • Clothing 
  • Dwellings 
  • Markets 
  • Transportation 
  • Pharaoh and the royal family 
  • Paper making - papyrus 
  • The arts 
  • Writing system - tools used, familiarity with amongst common people 
  • Birds, animals and plants 
  • Farming and irrigation 

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