10 More Ancient Sayings That Are More Relevant Than Ever

We searched around and dug up 10 more great ancient Egyptian sayings. 

These were carved on temples, stelae and tomb walls thousands of years ago. The advice still provides some interesting food for thought, even today. Read on and see if you agree.

10 Ancient Sayings that are more relevant than ever
Proverbs were written on Ancient
Egypt's temples and monuments

The language is a little fancy, but if you think about them a moment, they start to make sense. Give it a try. What do you think these proverbs mean?

• ① •

There grows no wheat where there is no grain.

• ② •

People bring about their own undoing through their tongues.

• ③ 

The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness.

• ④ 

To know yourself, take yourself as starting point and go back to its source; your beginning will disclose your end.

• ⑤ 

Leave him in error who loves his error.

• ⑥ 

To teach one must know the nature of those whom one is teaching.

• ⑦ 

One who is serious all day will never have a good time, while one who is frivolous all day will never establish a household.

• ⑧ 

Experience will show you, a Master can only point the way.

• ⑨ 

Know yourself... and you shall know the gods.

• ⑩ 

Growth in consciousness doesn't depend on the will of the intellect or its possibilities but on the intensity of the inner urge.

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10 Ancient Sayings That Are More Relevant Than Ever

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