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Amazing Mummy Facts - Page 2 (The Ultimate Mummy Fact Guide!)

20. Embalmers used tree resin or sap to make the linen strips stick together and secure them in place.

21. Up to 7 cloth shrouds (sheets of fabric) were placed over each mummy.

22. After the mummy was all wrapped up in linen and shrouded, a special cloth was placed over it all. On the cloth was a painted picture of Osiris--god of the underworld.

23. The person who mummified the body wore a mask in the shape of a jackal's head.

24. The whole process of mummification, including the 40+ days soaking in natron, could take as long as 70 days.

25. People had their bodies turned into mummies because they wanted to preserve them forever. By preserving them, they believed they could still use them in the afterlife.

26. Not just pharaohs were mummified. In ancient Egypt, anyone could be mummified when they died, as long as they could afford it.

27. Some animal mummies have been discovered. These include cats, jackals, baboons, horses, birds, gerbils, fish, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, and even a lion.

28. The Sacred Bull mummies from the early dynasties had their very own cemetery at Sakkara.

29. The god of mummification was Anubis. He has the head of a jackal.

30. Some mummies were buried wearing extra hair in the form of wigs.

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