Amazing Mummy Facts - Page 3 (The Ultimate Mummy Fact Guide!)

image: Osiris
40. According to Egyptian mythology, the god Osiris was the very first mummy.

41. Without their wrappings, most mummies weigh only 5 pounds.

42. Some mummies were completely covered with a very thin layer of gold.

43. Mummies' coffins were often found surrounded by hundreds of tiny figurines, carved in the shape of mummies. These figurines are called ushabti, and are tiny workers that accompany the mummy into the afterlife to perform daily tasks such as baking bread and farming fields.

44. On some mummies, such as that of Pharaoh Ahmose I, the person's name is written on the actual linen bandages they're wrapped in. This makes it easy to identify who the mummy was in life.

45. Some "natural" mummies--skeletons preserved in Egypt's dry sands--have been found wearing toe rings, and it's likely they wore the toe rings while they were alive.

KING TUT and other FAMOUS Mummies:

46. No one knows where the famous Cleopatra was buried. Her tomb has not been found.

47. Ramses III must have had a fear of reptiles. His mummy was found wearing an amulet that protects him from snakes.

48. Only one royal mummy found by archeologists has not been unwrapped: Amenhotep I. He still wears his original carved face mask.

49. King Tut--number of cavities found in his mummified mouth? Zero.

50. Six (6) chariots were found in King Tut's tomb

51. Archeologists found 143 amulets or magic charms in King Tut's mummy wrappings.

Scott Peters' Secret Book of Mummies

52. Most pharaoh mummies wore a golden face mask inscribed with magic spells. Tutankhamen's mask was made of solid gold.

53. King Tut's mummy was found in 1923. Several weeks later the archeologist who opened the tomb, Lord Carnarvon, died. People said he was cursed by ancient magic spells for desecrating Tutankhamen's tomb.

54. King Tut's mummy was found wearing a pair of golden sandals, and his toes were sheathed in tubes of gold for protection.

55. King Tut's casket is worth over 13 million dollars.

56. King Tut was just 18 when he died and was mummified.

57. Archeologists originally believed King Tut was murdered. New studies using modern technology show he had a broken leg, and that he had a bone disease that made his bones weak. In addition, according to his DNA he was suffering from malaria. These two things may have been the cause of his death.

58. "Natural" mummies can be made without embalming and wrapping them up--but only if conditions are right. These conditions include extreme temperatures and dryness, such as in the Swiss Alps, and some places in Central Asia, South America and Alaska.

BIZARRE Mummy Facts:

59. In the Victorian era in England, unwrapping mummies was a popular party event. The party host would buy a mummy, and guests would get to unwrap it.

60. Another Victorian era fact: Mummies were ground up into . . . 

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