FACTS: 5 Fascinating Facts About Egyptian Cotton

by Scott Peters, author of Secret of the Egyptian Curse and Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll

What is Egyptian cotton?

Is it some amazing, ancient secret? 

Did illustrious pharaohs sleep on super soft, certified organic cotton sheets? 

Were mummies wrapped in 500-thread-count luxury sheet sets, all cut into strips? 

Read on to discover 5 amazing facts:
  1. The truth is, Egyptian cotton is NOT actually ancient. As it turns out, commercial production of cotton was introduced in Egypt by Mohammed Ali in 1822.
  2. Egyptian bedsheets bought in Egypt might not fit your bed. Bed and pillow sizes around the world are not universal, so be sure and bring along a measuring tape!
  3. The main difference between regular cotton and Egyptian cotton? The fibers are longer. This gives the material its smooth, luxurious feel, and helps prevent pilling over time.
  4. If Egyptian cotton isn't ancient, what were all those white outfits made of that ancient Egyptians are pictured wearing? The answer: linen, which is made from flaxseed plants.
  5.  The American Civil War in 1861 is responsible for the success of Egyptian cotton! The war stopped the production of American cotton for several years, allowing the Egyptian cotton industry to explode onto the world markets

There you have it. Five amazing facts about Egyptian cotton.

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