DISCOVERY: On This Day - 1923 King Tut's Tomb Unsealed

On this day in 1923, renowned archaeologist Howard Carter unsealed the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, also known as King Tut. (read 10 Facts about King Tut)The famous pharaoh had been buried for over 3,000 years. Carter was the boy king's first visitor.

Below are two famous, fascinating images. 

1. On the right is a first look at King Tut's mummy in his sarcophagus. It had been a long, difficult search, with a rewarding end. The explorers were astonished to discover the tomb and its treasures fully intact.

2. The second image shows a chamber of artifacts found in King Tut's tomb. These include a chariot, along with its wheels, a chest, as well as a piece of furniture with the legs of a big cat.

first look at King Tut's mummy and sarcophagusFirst look at King Tut's tomb
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