FACTS: 10 Amazing Facts About King Tut

10 Facts About King Tut
King Tut's golden death mask (photo: Steve Evans)
King Tut is also known as Pharaoh Tutankhamen.
10 facts about ancient Egypt's famous ruler.

1. How Much is King Tut's casket worth? 
Over 13 million dollars.

2. Why was King Tut called the boy king?
Because Tutankhamen became pharaoh when he was only 9 years old!

3. Did you know the famous pharaoh had good teeth? 
It's true. How do we know? The number of cavities found in his mummified mouth came to a grand total of Zero.

4. How many chariots did King Tut own?
Like many celebrities, King Tut loved his race-cars. Six (6) speedy chariots were found in his tomb
10 Facts About King Tut - chariot
King Tut's Chariot
5. How were King Tut's feet pampered when he went to the grave? 
Each one of his toes was individually wrapped in a tube of gold.

6. Was Tutankhamen divinely protected? 
Maybe! Is it possible he survived until today is because he was wearing 143 amulets or magic charms in his mummy wrappings? 

7. What made King Tut's sandals special?
The soles of his sandals were painted with images of his enemies so that he could stomp on them wherever he went.

8. Was King Tut buried in a pyramid?
No. King Tut was actually buried far south of the pyramids, in a hidden tomb located in a place called the Valley of the Kings. 

9. How long did it take to catalog all the items in Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb?
Tutankhamen's tomb contained so many items that cataloging them all took seventeen years. 

10. How old was King Tut when he died?
King Tut made his mark on history in record time. He was just 18 when he died. Now I'd say that's pretty impressive!

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