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Mummies usually bring up visions of zombies, Hallowe'en costumes, dress-up, and the walking dead. Mummies might be creepy, but they're definitely impressive! Those Ancient Egyptians really knew what they were doing when they set out to preserve a body for eternal life.

Are you a fan of Egyptian mummies?

ancient Egypt mummy

Test your knowledge with the Mummy Quiz!

1. When a body was prepared for mummification, embalmers removed the brain. How did they remove it? 
a. By making a cut in the neck and scooping it out
b. By picking it out with a rod via the mouth
c. By pulling it out through the nostrils with a hook
d. Through a hole cut in the top of the head

2. The bodily organs were removed to prevent them from rotting inside the body. One, however was left inside. Which one was it? 
a. The heart
b. The lungs
c. The liver
d. The intestines

3. To ensure the mummy would last for all eternity, the body was dried out by soaking in natron (a type of salt) for:
a. 3 days
b. 7 days
c. 29 days
d. 40 days

4. Ancient Egyptians believed that humans thought, felt and reasoned with this body part:
a. The brain
b. The stomach
c. The heart
d. The eyes

5. Everyone knows Mummies were wrapped with strips of fabric. But do you know how many yards were used? 
a. Approx. 1,000
b. Approx. 500
c. Approx. 2,000
d. Approx. 5,000

6. What sticky substance did embalmers use to secure the linen strips in place?
a. Plaster of Paris
b. Egg whites
c. Water and mud
d. Tree resin/sap

7. Embalmers placed four of the removed organs in special jars. What were these jars called?
a. Sarcophagus jars
b. Mummification jars
c. Canopic jars
d. Sacred jars

8. After the mummy was all wrapped up in linen, a cloth with a picture of a god painted on it was placed over it. Which god's picture was used?
a. Isis
b. Osiris
c. Horus
d. Thoth

9. How many coffins were used to hold a single mummy?
a. 2 wooden coffins and a sarcophagus
b. 1 wooden coffin and a sarcophagus
c. 1 gold coffin and a sarcophagus
d. 1 gold sarcophagus


1c, 2a, 3d, 4c, 5a, 6d, 7c, 8b, 9a

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