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3 Cool Facts About Egyptian Mummies

Here they are, 3 interesting facts about ancient Egyptian mummies, some of which are totally bizarre!

image: ancient Egypt mummy facts
A: Uh Oh. We're out of fuel!
B: No problem. Just throw a mummy in there!
1. Can you have too many mummies? Apparently, yes. In the 1800's, so many mummies were dug up they became practically worthless. Rumor has it some train drivers even burned mummies as fuel in the boilers of their railway engines.

Priests making a mummy
"Wait till you're dead, Pharaoh's going to 
give you a noogie with that wooden finger."

2. Sometimes a priest messed up when mummifying a body and broke off the mummy's finger or toe. He'd replace the missing digit with a wooden version, which he'd hide under strips of linen. 

King Charles II mummy dust

3. King Charles II used mummy dust to stay young and powerful. He'd have a few mummies standing by, and collect the dust that fell off them. Then he'd rub the dust on his skin, sure that the "Ancient Pharaoh Greatness" would rub off.

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