We dug up 3 creepy ancient Egypt facts - but are they true or false? Find out below!

Titanic mummy
Fact 1: The Titanic was cursed by a mummy. True or false?

Did you know some people blamed the sinking of the Titanic on a curse from a mummified priestess?

According to rumor, a mummified ancient priestess was being shipped to America on the Titanic. The mummified Egyptian priestess not happy about being stolen from her sacred tomb and thrust into the hold of a strange boat. She cursed the Titanic, causing it to crash into an iceberg and sink.

Creepy story? Definitely. True story? No such luck. The ship's manifest included no mention of an Egyptian mummy or a sarcophagus.

In conclusion, Fact #1 is FALSE.

Egyptian ushabti
A picture of the non-human replacement
Fact 2: Pharaohs took their slaves to the grave. True or false?

How's this for chilling? In ancient Egypt's early days, some pharaohs actually took their slaves with them to the afterlife! How? They had their slaves murdered and buried alongside them.

In later years, pharaohs were buried with tiny clay figurines in the shape of slaves. The were called ushabti. Ushabti or shabti replaced the practice of being buried with living human servants. It makes you wonder if ushabti were invented by a clever slave. 

True story? Yes. We rank this mostly true.

In conclusion, Fact #2 is TRUE.

Fact 3: Egyptian tombs and pyramids were full of booby traps. True or false?

We've all seen movies, read books, or played video games that take place in tombs or pyramids filled with booby traps. We've watched tomb raiders fall to their deaths through secret trap doors. We've imagined them choking on poisoned powder that was automatically sprayed into the air when they disturbed the tomb, and pictured floors that shifted and fell away under a person's feet. And what about auto-triggered poisoned darts, decapitating wires, sinking and traps, and that giant rolling ball featured in Indiana Jones? (Different country, but you see where we're going with this.)


Egyptian booby traps

This stuff all sounds pretty cool. But did it exist? 

Here's the reality. Ancient architects did throw in a few mazes, and maybe a hidden pit here and there, but as for the rest, no. 

Sadly, booby traps are the stuff of Hollywood. Ancient Egyptians were extremely smart, but they just didn't have the technology. It sure makes for great action pictures. As for a chilling fact, it's a miss.

Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll by Scott Peters
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While ancient Egyptians made some pretty amazing structures, unfortunately, they did not make elaborate booby traps for their pyramids and tombs.

In conclusion, Fact #3 is FALSE.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about these three ancient Egyptian 'facts', and learning which ones are actually true versus rumor. Be sure and check out more interesting facts on our site!