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THE LETTER "C" in Hieroglyphics

Hard Letter C and Soft Letter C in Egyptian hieroglyphics

What is the letter C in hieroglyphics?

There are two ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols for the letter C. Each one represents a different sound. The first hieroglyphic symbol is a cup and it's pronounced K as in coffee. The second symbol is a cloth and it's pronounced Sss as in soft. 

image C in hieroglyphics
The Basket  = "K"

This basket or cup symbol for the Letter C is for the hard C. 
It's pronounced "k" as in CUP.

The C symbol looks like a cup. The word cup also starts with C. 
Think of C for CUP to remember its shape.

The cup symbol can be used to write the C in words like coffee 
and in names like 
Connor, Cameron, Carson,
Claudia, Catherine, and Claire.

The Folded Cloth = "Sss"

This folded cloth symbol for the Letter C 
is pronounced "ss" as in SOFT. 

Although there's no C in soft, the "SS" sound is the same and the folded cloth looks soft.
To remember the C symbol, think S for SOFT.

The folded cloth can be used to write the C in words like silk
and in names like 
Jace and Bryce
Celia, Cindy, and Cecily

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