THE LETTER "H" in Hieroglyphics

Today's hieroglyphic is the letter "H"

Zet: "It's time to do the letter H. Are you ready, little sister?"
Kat: "I'm way ahead of you. I already have my brushes out!"

Letter H in hieroglyphics
H = House
Kat says: "The first symbol for the Letter H is the symbol for a house or dwelling.
(notice the entryway, and the room to the right.)
It's pronounced as "H" like in HOUSE."

HOUSE starts with H, and the 
word house also describes this symbol.

The house can be used for the H in names like 
Henry, Harry and Hisham,
Helen, Honor, and Haeley.

Letter H in hieroglyphics - wick
H = Wick
Kat says: "The second symbol for the Letter H is the symbol for a candle wick. 
It's pronounced "H" like in HOUSE" -- exactly the same way as the first symbol. 
The two symbols can be interchanged.
Choose whichever symbol looks best for your word.

HOT starts with H, and a candle wick is HOT when it's lit and burning

The wick can be used for the H in names like 
Hector, Hal, and Hunter,
Harriet, Hope, and Hannah.

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