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THE LETTER "V" in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Letter V in Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Viper = V in hieroglyphics

The viper is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for the letter "V".

It's pronounced "vvv"

The viper symbol can also be used for the letter "F" as they're pronounced in a similar way.

A third use of the viper symbol is as a possessive pronoun, meaning his, hers, or its. When used in this way, the symbol generally comes after the noun it modifies, rather than before as is done in the English language.

5 Cool facts about the Viper:
  1. The hieroglyphic symbol is based on the horned viper, or the Cerastes cornutus
  2. The horned viper is extremely poisonous. 
  3. The serpent was both revered and feared in ancient Egypt.
  4. Archaeologists have found mummified horned vipers at Thebes.
  5. Before a horned viper strikes, it makes a rasping noise by rubbing its scales together that sounds like the letter "V" or "F". This may be why it was used for the "V" hieroglyphic symbol.
Here's an easy way to remember the hieroglyphic symbol for the letter V.
The word viper starts with the letter V, and the symbol for V is a viper.
Just think of "viper" and you'll have it!

The viper symbol can be used to write the V in names like 
Victor, Vladimir, Vincent
Victoria, Vanna, Verity

Cerastes-cerastes head
Horned viper - See the horns?

An ancient quote about the horned viper:

There are also about Thebes sacred serpents, not at all harmful to men, which are small in size and have two horns growing from the top of the head: these they bury when they die in the temple of Zeus, for to this god they say that they are sacred.

~ Herodotus, Histories II

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