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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Scroll down to learn more about these fascinating hieroglyphic symbols.

We've included a unique "remember key" with every Egyptian alphabet symbol to help you remember it. Soon you'll be able to recognize these when you see them, and maybe even sound out a word or two.

For a real workout, try spelling your name!

Letters A to L
a in hieroglyphics
A in hieroglyphics: Vulture = "AH" as in: squawk

The A symbol pronounced 'AH' is represented by a vulture.

Vultures are birds that SQUAWK. 
Think of a vulture's squawk to remember this symbol.
a in hieroglyphics arm
A in hieroglyphics:
Arm = "AY"
as in: aid

The A symbol pronounced 'AY' is represented by an arm.

Aid is something you provide with your arms.
Think of AID to remember this hieroglyphic.

b in hieroglyphics
B in hieroglyphics:
Leg = "B"
as in: barefoot

The B symbol is represented by a leg.

Barefoot begins with a B.
Think of going barefoot to remember this symbol.
C in hieroglyphics:
Basket = "K"
as in: cup

The C symbol is represented by a cup.

The C symbol looks like a cup. The word cup also starts with C.
Think of a Cup to remember its shape.
C in hieroglyphics cloth
C in hieroglyphics:
Folded Cloth = "Sss"
as in: soft

The C symbol is represented by a cloth.

Think of the word SOFT--even though there's no C in soft, the "SS" sound is the same and the folded cloth looks soft.
D in hieroglyphics
D in hieroglyphics:
The Hand = "D"
as in: dig

The D symbol is represented by a hand.

DIG starts with D. Digging can be done with your hands.
E in hieroglyphics
E in hieroglyphics:
Feather = "E"
as in: eagle

The E symbol is represented by a feather.

EAGLE starts with E, and an eagle has feathers.
F in hieroglyphics
F in hieroglyphics:
Viper = "Fff"
as in: forked

The F symbol is represented by a viper.

FORKED start with F, and forked describes a viper's tongue.
G in hieroglyphics: Cobra
G in hieroglyphics:
Cobra = "J"
as in: gyrate

The G symbol is represented by a cobra.

Gyrate starts with G, which describes a cobra moving across the sand.
G in hieroglyphics: Cook Pot
G in hieroglyphics:
Pot symbol = "G"
as in: gravy

The G symbol is represented by a cook pot.

GRAVY start with G, and you could make gravy in a cook pot.
H in hieroglyphics: Dwelling
H in hieroglyphics:
Dwelling Symbol = "H"
as in: house

The H symbol is represented by a house.

HOUSE starts with H, and the word house also describes this symbol.

H in hieroglyphics: The Wick
H in hieroglyphics:
The Wick = "H"
as in: hot

The H symbol is also represented by a wick.

HOT starts with H, and a burning candle wick is HOT.

(The 'H' symbols are interchangeable. Use whichever you prefer)
I in hieroglyphics: Feather
I in hieroglyphics:
Feather = "I"
as in: ink

The I symbol is represented by a feather.

Ink starts with i, and some people write with feather pens.
Think of a dipping a feather into an ink pot to remember its shape.
J in hieroglyphics: Cobra
J in hieroglyphics:
Cobra = "J"
as in: jewel

The J symbol is represented by a cobra.

JEWEL starts with a "J", and cobras are covered in jewel-like scales
K in hieroglyphics: The Bowl
K in hieroglyphics:
The Bowl = "K"
as in: cup

The K symbol is represented by a cup.

Think of a cup with a K sound at the beginning to remember this symbol.
L in hieroglyphics: Lion
L in hieroglyphics:

Lion = "L"

as in: lion

The L symbol is represented by a lion.

The L symbol is easy to remember.
The word lion starts with L.
Think of a LION to remember its shape.

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