THE LETTER "F" in Hieroglyphics

What's the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for the letter F?

Zet: "You should do today's letter, Kat. Unless it's too scary for you."
Kat: "The horned viper?"
Zet: "Exactly."
Kat: (grins) "Move over. Before I flick you with my brush."

F in hieroglyphics

Viper = F

The viper symbol for the Letter F is pronounced "fff" as in flick.

The word flick starts with F, which describes what a viper does with its tongue. 
Think 'F is for FLICK' and you'll have it.

The viper symbol can be used to write the F in names like 
Finlay, Ford and Frank,
Felicity, Fleur, and Freya. 

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