Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE LETTER "D" in Hieroglyphics

Image: Hieroglyphic Alphabet
Image: Hieroglyphic Alphabet Chart
Zet: "I think you should do the hieroglyphic of the day today, since you're so good at writing."
Kat: "Sure, but you could give me a hand." (nudges him). "A hand, get it?"
Zet: (Groans) "Very funny."

image D in hieroglyphics
Letter D in hieroglyphics
Kat says: "This hand symbol for the Letter D 
is pronounced "D" as in DIG and DROP."

DIG and DROP both start with D, and are 
both things you can do with your hands.

The hand symbol can be used to write the D in names like 
David, Daniel and Dylan,
Dakota, Daisy, and Deirdre. 

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