THE LETTER "J" in Hieroglyphics

Today's hieroglyphic is the letter "J"

Zet: "Hey Sis, what are you drawing?"
Kat: "Not me, us! It's time for a new letter."
Zet: "Er...right. Actually I was just about to go off and--"
Kat: "Don't even think about it. We're doing the letter J. And you'll like it, it's a cobra." 
Zet: (grins) "Pass me that ink."

image: J in hieroglyphics
Cobra = J
Kat says: "The symbol for the Letter J is a cobra.
It's pronounced "J" as in jewel."

JEWEL starts with a "J", 
and cobras are covered in jewel-like scales.

The feather symbol can be used for the J in names like 
Jack, John and Jim,
Jenna, Jill, and Jamie.

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