Tuesday, October 23, 2012

THE LETTER "E" in Hieroglyphics

Image: Hieroglyphic Alphabet
Image: Hieroglyphic Alphabet Chart
Zet: "It's time post the hieroglyph of the day. Would you do the honors?"
Kat: "I'd be happeeee to."
Zet: "Why are you saying happy like that?"
Kat: "What, happeee? Because that's today's letter--eeee, get it?"
Zet: (rolling his eyes) "That has to be the worst joke ever."

image E in hieroglyphics
letter E in hieroglyphics
KAT SAYS: "This feather symbol for the Letter E 
is pronounced "E" as in EAGLE and EGRET."

EAGLE and EGRET both start with E, 
and both are birds with feathers. 

The feather symbol can be used to write the E in names like 
Ethan, Eli and Theodore,
Eva, Eden, and Audrey.

For more Hieroglyphics, refer to our 
Hieroglyphic Chart

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