PUZZLE: Gods of Egypt Crossword

We've put together a crossword puzzle using the gods of ancient Egypt. To play, click on the link or the image below. It will take you to the printable page, along with a second page with the crossword solution.

Ancient Egypt Worksheet crossword

answers below


3. The cow-headed goddess, she protects families. (Hathor)
5. The wife of Osiris, she is also the goddess of magic. (Isis)
7. The gods made this river rise and fall. (Nile)
8. Many gods and goddesses are part human and part this. (animal)
11. The fierce lion-headed goddess. (Sekhmet)
13. Those in charge of rituals to please the gods. (priests)
14. Pharaoh was a living ______ on earth. (god)

1 Falcon headed god, god of war and sky. (Horus)
2. The gods protect the tombs in the _____ of the Kings. (valley)
4. This god is the husband of Isis and wears a white crown. (Osiris)
6. Ra crosses the sky all day and travels here at night. (underworld)
7. Goddess of the sky. (Nut)
9. This ibis-headed god often carries writing tools. (Thoth)
10. A tall pointed pillar that honors the sun god, Ra. (obelisk)
12. The cat goddess. (Bastet)

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