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DISCOVERY: Child Mummy Makes It Through Customs

These days at busy airports, travelers are experiencing an array of challenges. For this girl, there was no exception.

The 2,100-year-old mummy of young girl has finally cleared U.S. Customs after a delay of several days. Curators at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium were worried about the mummy remaining in a non-climate controlled area. Mummies are extremely delicate.

Their fears turned out to be unwarranted. Fortunately, the child mummy is in perfect condition. The small girl wears a fascinating burial mask that includes glass eye implants.

The girl died when she was nine years old, yet she is very small--around the size of a typical four-year-old. Just how and why she died may soon be revealed after the mummy makes a special visit to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Details of the scan will be revealed Oct. 16.

It is no surprise that this mummy, discovered in Egypt in 1889, holds a special fascination for children.

Are you in South Florida? Be sure and make a visit:

"Afterlife: Tombs & Treasures of Ancient Egypt" is on display from Today through April 18 at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $19.95 for adults who are not members of the museum. For information, call the science center at 561-832-1988.

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