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LESSON PLAN: Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Worksheet

What: Middle Grade Social Studies Classroom Activity

Goal: To be able to identify four (4) primary figures from Egyptian mythology

Method: Students will:
  • Study each picture and use online research to learn the names of the four figures
  • Write the name of each deity in the box provided in the worksheet
  • Write a short description of the powers attributed to each
  • Hint: Look at the head of each deity. What you see there will provide you with some great clues.
  • Gods and Goddesses Worksheet
  • Internet access
  • Pen or pencil
  • Students who perform this task in groups will have the opportunity for discussion.
  • Alternatively, students can do the assignment individually, and a class discussion can be entered into when the worksheets are complete.
Topics for Discussion:
  • The myths surrounding each god or goddess
  • The familial relationships, if any, between each one
  • How these mythological beings were regarded by ancient Egyptians in daily life
  • What effects these deities had on people's attitudes at the time
  • Their use in household shrines, as well as in temples
  • How they compare to other pantheons, such as Greek and Roman gods
Research Link:
To get started, students may use this fast reference link showing Egypt's pantheon. It will allow them to identify the deities in the worksheet. Here is the link:

Hint: Look at the head of each deity. What you see there will provide you with some great clues.

To complete this activity, print the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses worksheet.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Free Worksheet
I hope you enjoy this learning activity about the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. For more fun, useful worksheets, please visit my Teacher Zone.

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