Worksheet: Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Today, I have a fun Egyptian Deities worksheet for you. Research these four (4) ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Then, write his or her name in the box provided, along with a short description of each one's qualities and/or myths.

To get you started, here is a link to help you research the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. You'll find that I've put together a cheatsheet of many of ancient Egypt's pantheon of gods and goddesses. Use my cheatsheet to identify the gods and goddesses in the worksheet below.

Hint: Look at the head of each deity. What you see there will provide you with some great clues.

To complete this activity, print the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses worksheet.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Free Worksheet
I hope you enjoy this learning activity about the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. For more fun, useful worksheets, please visit my Teacher Zone.

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