Ancient Egypt Worksheets and Interactive Resources:

Use these worksheets and interactive resources to supplement any school or homeschool unit on ancient Egyptian civilization, pyramids, and mummies. Most can be printed out, many can be played online.
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New!  Lesson Plan - Who Am I In Ancient Egypt?

8 Pages - Common Core Standards addressed:
Writing, Speaking and Listening, Comprehension and Collaboration.
Common Core Lesson Plan Activity Ancient EgyptCommon Core Lesson Plan Activity Ancient Egypt

15 Pages - Common Core Standards Addressed
Comprehension, Fluency, Meaning, and Literacy.
FREE ebook included
Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy Scott Peters Reading Comprehension WorksheetMystery of the Egyptian Mummy Scott Peters Reading Comprehension Worksheet 2

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Free Worksheet

Customize this Mummy Door Hanger using the attached Hieroglyphics Decoder!


Kids Archaeology Worksheet

ancient Egypt worksheet archaeology

Mummy Quiz

Circle the Differences

Ancient Egypt Domesticated Animals

image: ancient Egypt matching games

Matching Challenge:

Which goes with which?
Printable matching activity worksheets
(printable/play online)

Crossword Puzzles:

Ancient Egypt Worksheet crossword

Word Search Puzzles:

Even MORE Word Search Puzzles:

Question mark

Word Unscramble:

Egypt Word Unscramble worksheet

image: ancient Egypt hangman games
Egyptian Hangman:
Please note: The Hangman games below can only be played online

Clue: Written on the wall

Clue: Banisher of evil

Clue: All wrapped up

Clue: Someone who's good with words

Clue: A cat's position in ancient Egypt

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