100 Mummy Facts - Page 5 (The Ultimate Mummy Fact Guide!)

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More Weird SCIENCE:

80. Mummification is so successful at preserving a human, we can get a pretty good idea of what a person looked like when they were alive 3000 years ago.

81. Scientists are able to guess if certain mummies come from the same family, or are related, by studying their facial features and the shapes of their skulls.

82. New airport scanners are being considered for use in studying mummies, as they are more gentle than x-rays and cat scans and less likely to damage the ancient artifacts.


83. In 1699, a Polish man bought 2 mummies in Alexandria and set out in a boat across the Mediterranean Sea. He was haunted by 2 ghosts the whole way, along with terribly rough seas until he finally threw the mummies overboard.

84. Archeologist Zahi Hawass removed 2 child mummies from a tomb and put them in a museum. He was haunted by the 2 children until they were reunited with their father's mummy. Zahi Hawass decided to remove all 3 mummies from their display.

85. A sick young boy was miraculously 'cured' when he visited an Egyptian museum and looked into the mummified eyes of Pharaoh Ahmose I. Ahmose I was famous for winning Egypt back from the Hyksos invaders.

86. In Manchester, England, they have a mystery on their hands. A statue from a mummy's tomb was repeatedly found standing backward inside its case. Sure someone was playing a trick, the museum curators put a video camera on it. They played the video back and found it spinning around all on its own. The cause is still unanswered.

87. After Howard Carter opened King Tut's tomb, he sent a messenger to his house. As the messenger reached it, he heard a "faint, almost human cry". When he got inside, he found a cobra--a symbol of Egyptian power--inside Carter's bird cage, with Carter's pet canary in it's mouth. The bird was dead.

88. Sir Bruce Ingham received a mummified hand from King Tut's tomb as a gift. The mummified hand wore a scarab bracelet with the words: "Cursed be he who moves my body. To him shall come fire, water, and pestilence." Some time later, his house burned down. Even stranger, after he rebuilt his house, it suffered a flood.

89. Mummies are often thought of as scary creatures that walk around with outstretched arms, but beyond the hype these fascinating artifacts were actually once living people. By preserving them in as lifelike a way as possible, ancient Egyptians have given us a glance at who they were. In a way, a small part of them has cheated death itself.

Mummies on DISPLAY:
90. Many museums display mummies, but some of the best ones are found at the Cairo Museum, the British Museum, the Berlin Museum, and the Luxor "Mummification Museum".

91. It is said that the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses I ended up at a daredevil museum in Niagara Falls, Canada, having been sold to a Canadian collector in 1860. The mummy is now on display in Luxor, Egypt.

92. The Vatican houses an ancient Egyptian mummy.

93. Mummy comes from the Arabic word 'mumia' which means pitch or wax (bitumen). Originally, people believed pitch or wax was the stuff responsible for the lasting mummification effects.

94. One of the first persons to write about the process of mummification was Herodotus, a writer-historian who traveled to Egypt in around 450 B.C.

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95. One famous place where mummies were discovered is in Northern Egypt, inside the pyramids.

96. A second famous place where mummies have been found is in Southern Egypt, in two secret valleys: the Valley of the Kings for male pharaohs, and the Valley of the Queens, for female queens.

97. Some mummies have been found in tombs that were unfortunately subjected to floods, and so the mummies were not fully preserved.

98. Unnamed mummies were often given nicknames, including Ginger for a mummy with red hair. Later, people decided this was disrespectful and switched to giving the mummies serial numbers instead.


99. Modern sleeping bags are styled to be wide at the shoulders and narrow at the feet. The design makes a person lying inside one look like a mummy--this is how they got the nickname 'mummy sleeping bag'.

100. Lego sells a mummy action figure, and the mummy has a chariot with a skeleton horse that glows in the dark.

101. A vintage King Tut magic trick is still sold today. It consists of a coffin and King Tut's mummy. Unless you know the trick to inserting Tut into his coffin, he just keeps popping right back out to haunt you.
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