DISCOVERY: "Lady of the Jewels" Mummy Found Under Collapsed Roof

Turns out there's still more to discover of ancient Egypt. Even some spectacular finds.

Spanish archaeologists have uncovered something unexpected: while cleaning several tombs beneath that of Tuthmosis III, a caved in roof was hiding a mummy no one had noticed before. A large boulder had rolled down to cover the area with debris. When the archaeologists cleared it away, they found an untouched coffin!

Inside the coffin lay the completely destroyed ruins of a female mummy, yet her jewels were in tact. These included:
  • a golden necklace and pendant in the shape of a shell
  • two golden bangles for her arms
  • silver bracelets for each ankle
For now, her name is unknown. She's assumed to be from an elite family that lived during the Middle Kingdom (2137-1781 B.C.) She's being called "The Lady of the Jewels"

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