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Experience the first book in my ancient Egypt mystery series.
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You, who have dug deep and sifted hard for a story to read, have unearthed an ancient treasure: a mystery from the dusty ages, when a boy could be a hero and fight for the good of all . . . 

12-year-old Zet knows he has to do something soon--otherwise, his family will starve. Times are growing ever harder: between customers slowing to a trickle at their family pottery stall, and their father off fighting a war, what else could go wrong? When Zet spots a thief running from the medjay police and learns there's a reward for his capture, he and
his sister Kat are determined to win it. Just think of what they could do with all those riches! But are they skilled enough to piece together so many puzzling clues? The chase leads them into forbidden temples whispering with the voices of ancient gods, through a mysterious land of gold and majesty that the world has never forgotten.

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