Wow... it's happening in just 6 weeks

Dear Friend, 

I'm so excited to finally be able to write this post!

In just over a month, my fourth book in the Kid Detective Zet mystery series, Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy will be published.

I've been writing Zet and Kat's new story for around a year now. After a few fun detours through ancient Egypt, I'm finally going to be able to put it in your hands. Zet and Kat have a new mystery to solve :)

We did a cover revision after all the amazing feedback, so thank you for being a part of this journey.

Also, as a celebration, I have some really cool stuff I'm doing for you leading up to the release. So make sure you stay on my email list and open every single email.

For now I'm just going to share the final cover and a few things some early readers have said about the book.

"Scott Peters has done it again. Another great mystery for kids. Mummies. Curses. Clues to unravel. All set in the rich world of ancient Egypt." ~ S.D. Brown, author of The Lake Quilt Mystery

"Fun to meet up with Zet, Kat and Hui again solving scary mysteries in ancient Egypt. Great read!"~ Ellie Crowe, award-winning author of Windrunner

Thanks again for being part of this!
Scott Peters

P.S. If you know anyone else that you think will enjoy this book, can you send them to this page?
Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy Launch!
That will make sure they get access to all the cool stuff I'm giving away soon.
Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy - Kids books

Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy News

How about a classic children's adventure with a hint of Scooby Doo excitement? Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy is spooky, thrilling, and funny.

Best of all, the Kindle version is completely free for now on Amazon. Why not save a few dollars and grab it right now?