Ancient Egyptian Papyrus For Projects!

Papyrus Plant

I came across a fantastic looking package of traditionally made ancient Egyptian papyrus paper and had to share. The pages are great for doing arts & crafts and school projects.

How is ancient Egyptian papyrus made?
  1. First, the tall, fibrous stalks of the papyrus plant are harvested and sliced into thin strips. 
  2. The strips are then soaked in water until softened. 
  3. Once they're soft enough to work with, the papyrus strips are laid out to make up a giant square. A second set of strips is laid on top in a crosswise direction. 
  4. The whole thing is then pounded flat and allowed to dry. The starch in the papyrus plant acts as a glue, which bonds the paper together during the drying process. 
  5. Once the papyrus sheet has dried, the final step is to cut the large square into smaller sheets of paper for use.

Here's the link to the paper, which is made with papyrus stalks from Egypt. Enjoy!

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