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Did Kids Have Toys in Ancient Egypt?

Egyptian Senet Game Board
Senet Game Board possibly from the tomb of Amenhotep III

According to archeologists, YES!

Apparently, ancient Egyptian children loved playing with toys and games as much as kids do today. If you could step back in time, you might find kids playing a rowdy game of street hockey with a ball and sticks.

Did Kids Have Toys in Ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, children played with a wide variety of games and toys. These included dice, a form of street hockey, and a board game called senet. Other toys included dolls, pull-toys, and carved toys with moving pieces.

Ancient Egyptian horse-and-rider pull toy
Ancient Egyptian horse-and-rider pull toy

You'll be glad to know the fun didn't end there. Egyptians were excellent wood carvers. Check out this cool pull-toy with a horse and rider. The string is missing, but you can still see where it would have been attached. The toy looks really well made, and it's easy to imagine a child running through his or her home with this pull-toy trailing behind.

Are you a fan of board games? Then you would fit right in. Senet was extremely popular, as were other games involving dice, boards and moving pieces. Read more about Senet here.

Ancient Egyptian play dice
Ancient Egyptian play dice

Here's an amazing toy: it's a cat with a mouth that opens and closes by pulling the string. I wonder how many fingers belonging to little sisters or little brothers got caught inside this thing? It looks very sturdy, and makes you want to try it out right now!

Ancient Egyptian toy cat
Ancient Egyptian toy cat

This might not look like a doll in your room or your sister's bedroom, but in her day this doll was probably very pretty and well-loved by some little girl.

Ancient Egypt girl's doll
Ancient Egypt girl's doll

It's true that this doll is very old, but with a little imagination, you can picture a girl holding it in her arms as she went to sleep. Her face is still in great condition given that she's thousands of years old. You can also see the shape of her hair. She probably had some fantastic outfits!

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of toys from ancient Egypt!

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