Today we have a fun Egyptian Deities worksheet for you! 

Research these four (4) ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, 
and then write their name and a short description about each.

To get you started, here is a link to help you research the 

To complete this activity, print this worksheet
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Free Worksheet
We hope you enjoy this learning activity about the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

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Hieroglyphics chart

Today's post answers 3 burning questions about ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics:

1. When did hieroglyphics end? 

2. Why did hieroglyphics end? 

3. What was happening in the rest of the world when hieroglyphics ended?

If you're reading this post, you're definitely familiar with the ancient Egyptian writing system made up of mysterious symbols. The hieroglyphic alphabet lasted at least 2,500 years, which is quite impressive!

But if you've got questions such as when did people stop using hieroglyphics, you're not alone.

Fortunately, we've got answers:

25 Facts about Ancient Egypt
Today we have a fun video from Go90 with 25 Facts about ancient Egypt. 

So click play, sit back and prepare to be amazed, puzzled, startled, and even a little grossed out.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Amazing mysteries surround the timeline of Cleopatra's life and death, and some massive scandals, too. Read on to learn more!

Cleopatra by John William Waterhouse
Cleopatra by John William Waterhouse

How Much Do You Know About Cleopatra?

Everyone has heard about Egypt's famous queen and pharaoh, Cleopatra, but this post might just amaze you. Test your knowledge and prepare to be stunned by this huge collection of fun facts about Queen Cleopatra VII!

1. Birth and death of a memorable queen:

Cleopatr'a lifespan
Cleopatra VII was born 69 BC and committed suicide on August 30, 30 BC.

2. Parents may have been half-sister/brother

Ptolemy VII and Tryphaena
Her father was Pharaoh Ptolemy VII. Her mother was probably Cleopatra V Tryphaena. Some say the couple was related by more than marriage.